Crafts, Flowers & Photography

Open Flower Arranging

(Accessories Allowed In All Classes But Fresh Material To Predomnate)

Class 18: Walk On The Wildside (24 inch square)
Class 19: A Table Center Arrangement For A Harvest Supper (12 inch square)
Class 20: A Round Floral Head Dress (9 inch square)
Class 21: An Arrangement in a Basket (12 inch square)

Open Handicraft

(Items Not To Have Been Shown In A Previous Ploughing Match)

Class 22: A Hand Made Invitatation To Our 70th Anniversary Tea Party (Not Computerised)
Class 23: Hand Made Jewelery
Class 24: An Item Of Artwork Made Of Any Medium
Class 25: A Length Of Bunting
Class 26: An Item Of Woodwork

Open Photography

(All photography to be printed 6x4 and mounted on card excluding class 31)

Class 27: One photograph entitled “Flora Day”
Class 28: One Photograph entitled “Welcome To The World”
Class 29: One Photograph entitled “A Selfie With Your Pet”
Class 30: One Photograph entitled “At The Beach”
Class 31: Two photos entitled “Before & After” (Mount Must Not Exceed A4)

Future Young Farmers

6-10 Years

Class 32: A Lego Creation (Not Kit Form)
Class 33: Four Decorated Cupcakes (judged on decoration only)
Class 34: An A4 Drawing of a Farm Scene

5 years and under

Class 35: An A4 Drawing of a Farm Scene
Class 36: Four Decorated Biscuits (judged on decoration only)