Ploughing & Static Vintage

Tractor / Non Tractor Ploughing Classes

ENTRY FEE: £5.00 per class for non-YFC members | £2.50 per class for YFC members

Unfortunately due to this years location we’ve had to limit entries to one per competitor


CLASS 1: Semi Digger
CLASS 2: Open No Match Ploughs, Non-YFC, To be ploughed one way.
CLASS 3: Reversible To be ploughed both ways.
CLASS 4: YFC Conventional, to be ploughed one way.
CLASS 5: Under 16 Conventional, to be ploughed one way.
CLASS 6: Vintage Class Tractor & Trailer Ploughs pre-1955
CLASS 7: Vintage Class Tractor & Hydraulic Ploughs pre-1965
CLASS 8: Ladies Conventional, to be ploughed one way.
CLASS 9: Heavy Horse Not to exceed 3’9”
CLASS 10 Novice Class To be ploughed one way
CLASS 11: Intermediate Class To be ploughed both ways
CLASS 12: Classic Tractor Pre 1965

Static Classic & Vintage Tractor

Class A: Best original condition
Class B: Best restored

Ploughing Rules

  1. All ploughs to be ready to commence by 9:30 a.m. All openings to be ready for judging at 10.30 a.m.
  2. Plots not opened by 10.30am will not receive any points for their opening
  3. All ploughing to be finished by 2.00p.m.
  4. Ploughing to be no deeper than 6 inches.
  5. Three site markers allowed. Competitors to plough in the first mark.
  6. No assistance to any competitors except in Class 5, 10, 11 and 12.
  7. A Novice is someone who has never achieved 1st place in a ploughing class in any ploughing Match.
  8. Class 11 (Intermediate) may win this class twice.
  9. Competitors are kindly asked to do their best to ensure that their tractors comply with Farm Safety Regulations and the driver is of legal age. All drivers must be over 16 and have a minimum of a class F driving licence (for insurance purposes). Apart from class 5 where all drivers must hold relevant insurance and have taken the tractor proficiency test. Cornwall YFC will not hold insurance for U16 entrants.
  10. The Committee will not be held responsible for any accidents, damage or loss. All competitors must hold a valid public liability insurance policy.
  11. Certificates, Driving Licences and Proof of insurance must be shown on entry.
  12. Competitors should take care and be aware of telegraph poles and other obstacles which may be in the field.
  13. Competitors are reminded to drive responsibly around the site at all times.
  14. Only competitors to be on plot at any time.
  15. One passenger may ride on a tractor at a time provided there is a seat for them.
  16. Entries close on 6th September 2019
  17. Below, system for Classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10
Ploughing Directions Dark